Caving in to My Hobby: Using The Vinyl Cutting Circuit Machine for my Arts And Crafts Projects

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Caving in to My Hobby: Using The Vinyl Cutting Circuit Machine for my Arts And Crafts Projects

When you were little did you have alphabet refrigerator magnets? While today’s stainless steel appliance craze may have put those letters and all magnets to bed, let’s pay tribute to them today with something similar — vinyl cutout letters.

Vinyl is a durable material that is inexpensive, and gives you a great opportunity to make a lot of different projects. Start out your kids with making cutouts of their favorite letters and decorating them. Who knows, maybe as adults they will be able to make handbags, hats, and fringe necklaces, all from vinyl.

Some of my crafty works:

crafts3 crafts2 crafts1

Enter the Cricut Machine

Another throwback you may remember was the sets of funky shaped scissors that allowed you to make zigzag designs or straight cuts, for instance. They were great for cutting paper, and sometimes worked fairly well with poster stock.

The Cricut machine is a modern tool that looks much like a standard printer. The only difference is that it can cut out shapes out of vinyl, paper, and well over 60 materials in total. It is incredibly popular among scrapbook fanatics, as well as parents and teachers coming up with new and creative arts and crafts to do together.

The Cricut in its various versions is readily available online. I got mine from Amazon, after one day of serious research. I thought at first the machine was a tad too cheap to do good work or be durable. Now, after some time using it, I can say I was definitely wrong. The Cricut does any job you throw at it, provided you don’t feed a material that’s too thick or tough. One recommendation: read these reviews on the Cricut Explore or other vinyl cutting machines at http://maxcnash.com/best-vinyl-cutting-machine/.

Cartridges Add Character(s)

When it comes to the Cricut it all relies upon cartridges. These cartridges dictate what the machine can cut out for you. It has an alpha-numeric cartridge that makes cutouts from vinyl for you.

The machine’s precision takes the paltry results, frustration and hand-wrenching work out of hand-cutting letters and numbers. In other words, your family gets to focus on creativity and design rather than on the fundamentals of cutting with scissors.

The second of the two cartridges that the Cricut Explore machines come with will help you create your piece-de-resistance. It is capable of supporting all kinds of cuts that step far outside the realm of simple letters and numbers.

You might like to see how advanced your styles become as you start to learn the ropes of the vinyl cutting machine and what it can do for you. It is a very popular tool in most arts and crafts homes for a reason.

Starter Projects

So, you have exhausted making letters and numbers. Maybe it is time for you to move onto other types of projects that are increasingly complex. Take for instance a clear acetate box. If you are a crafter, it is begging for you to add your personal touches to it.

Lucky for you the Cricut printer can cut on adhesive-backed vinyl in many shapes and styles. From a modern and clean look of geometric shapes, layered smartly to create an eye-popping design, to creating cutout bows for shoes, the vinyl cutter is amazing.

It can be difficult to stop looking at ideas. There are many more ideas beyond making bows for shoes, personalizing walls and posters, and decorating boxes. Though, these are all great starter projects when you are just beginning to learn how the cutter functions. Enjoy it and share any ideas you create.

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