About Us

Everyday empowerment…for your above average woman

There are three things in life that most women are scared to talk about: sex, aging and money. And it’s a shame, because that just makes us feel alone.

Reality is, lots of women go “over the hill” laughing. Lots of women use lubes. Lots own vibrators. Lots of women talk about sex and aging and all those other taboos. And, yes, not only can some women say the word vagina with a straight face; some even sing about their vaginas.

In our 30 years of making products that women need (but wish they didn’t), we’ve engaged a lot of women in talking about subjects they probably never imagined sharing with someone else. And we noticed that the moment you overcome your fear and talk with another woman about your experience, it feels great. It feels empowering.

It feels like the world is changing. Thank goodness. Look how far we’ve come.


This blog is our effort to further the conversation — to help women everywhere celebrate the many, many ways the world is changing all around them, every day. To help them feel like they’re not alone.

Please follow our blog on facebook. Forward a link to your friend, sister, mom, daughter… Or send us something to post! Every time you share, you’re helping improve the lives of women. Who knows? If enough of us keep the conversation going, maybe one day soon women will feel so without shame when it comes to their sexual selves, aging, money, etc., that the world won’t need a blog like this. We kind of hope so.